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10 Reasons Why Waterfront Dining is the Perfect Date Night Idea

Whether you’re searching for love or have already found it, date nights are opportunities to light the torch paper of passion. They’re moments to laugh, make memories and enjoy one another’s company.

Given the choice, who wouldn’t go for a location like a waterfront restaurant that inspires feelings of love? With stunning views, stars and sunsets enough to melt the hardest of hearts.

Love is in the air as we present the top 10 reasons why waterfront dining is the perfect romantic setting.

1. The Romantic Ambiance

Becoming mindful of the sea gently lapping on the shore can conjure up memories of Summertime. It’s when living is easy, in a nod to the romantic Gershwin classic: there’s a reason the song “Summertime” is one of the most covered of all time.

For many of us, an ocean location is our happy place. Throw in a gentle sea breeze on the warm wooden decks of The Lighthouse Restaurant. The ambience will take you halfway to heaven on your Brisbane date night without you even having to try.

2. Those Scenic Views

As you dip in and out of the conversation, there never needs to be an awkward silence to fill. The ocean views of Moreton Bay and the stunning parkland of Cleveland Point are always worthy of comment and admiration.

This is a world-class, highly sought-after location that is there to take your breath away. Worthy of a romantic Renoir painting, its views will frame your date night perfectly.

3. A Relaxing Atmosphere

If you’re out on one of your first few dates as a couple, it’s normal for the nerves to set in. By choosing The Lighthouse Restaurant, you’ll create some instant calm. The nautical atmosphere and laid-back Queensland decor immediately put you at ease.

The character and environment of the location are conducive to letting you and your partner be yourselves. This is a place where barriers get lowered and diners can enjoy getting to know each other more intimately.

4. An Escape From the City

There’s always a time for busy city life. They’re places where many of us earn our salaries and find career opportunities. But it’s important to get away from it from time to time.

Envision a serene waterfront restaurant in Brisbane, situated just 40 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Lighthouse Restaurant transforms this vision into reality. Indulging in an evening at this exquisite establishment can make you feel like you’ve been whisked away for a weekend escape, without the typical hassle of traveling.

5. Fresh Seafood

Gazing out over the water, one cannot help but crave a delectable seafood feast. Luckily, our specialty seafood menu is brimming with an array of mouthwatering options. From succulent prawns and tender octopus to savoury crab, our menu offers an abundance of choices. And, of course, the most renowned aphrodisiac of them all, the humble oyster, takes centre stage, enticing your taste buds with its irresistible flavour.

We only use the freshest ingredients, so on rare occasions when we can’t source a particular fish or seafood option, we won’t offer it. Share an assiette or 2 of our delicious fruits de mer. Impress your date with your command of the French language, often considered the most romantic language in the world.

(Tip: there are plenty of other fresh and delicious choices for non-seafood lovers too).

6. Great Food, Wine & Service

We use only the finest ingredients in all our dishes. Served by some of the friendliest waiting staff you’ll ever meet, our amazing food prepared by expert chefs is more than a match for such a stunning location.
Pair your dining choices with a bottle from our well-stocked cellar. Add a touch of romantic celebration and class to your date night by cracking open a bottle of one of our fine sparkling wines.

7. A Unique Dining Experience

While we all have a romantic side, our individual ages, preferences, and lifestyles can vary greatly. Our waterfront dining experience is one-of-a-kind and sets itself apart from the norm, making it the perfect choice for anyone seeking a truly unforgettable evening out.

Indulging in our deluxe dining experience will transport you to a place where you feel close enough to touch the crystal-clear blue waters. Few places on earth can rival the quintessential romantic ambiance of our unique setting.

8. Peace and Tranquility

When you’re on a date, you don’t want the distraction of city noise and traffic chaos. The Lighthouse Restaurant enjoys a setting all to itself with no noisy neighbours or busy streets close by. This allows you to focus your attention on the one person who matters most- your date.

The location makes up for quality time in volumes. It’s somewhere you’ll only have eyes for your date, a place you can concentrate on listening to all their aspirations and dreams.

9. Try An Event Like Sip ‘n’ Dip

There’s always plenty happening at The Lighthouse Restaurant and we feature a range of events that can make great date nights.

Our ever-popular special Sip ‘n’ Dip night on certain Thursdays throughout the year lets you have fun and get creative. This is the opportunity for you and your partner to try your hand at some arts and crafts perhaps after an early evening bite to eat.

And, we also have regular music nights on certain Sunday evenings. Check out the full range of Brisbane waterfront events on our website.

10. A Romantic After-Dinner Stroll

Make an evening at The Lighthouse Restaurant a night to remember by taking full advantage of the romantic setting. Finish off your waterfront dining experience with a walk along the water. Instead of a dessert, you could pick up a treat from the ice cream parlour attached to our venue.

The fresh sea air, the stars glinting in the open skies and the sound of the ocean wave turn an evening stroll into romance personified. This is a place where hearts get filled with love inspired by the charming setting with great food and drink to match.

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