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5 Unique Wedding Themes for a Waterfront Wedding Venue

Congratulations on your engagement, let the fun of wedding planning begin! You’ve made one of the biggest decisions already and decided that you would like a waterfront wedding venue. It’s now time to come up with a theme for your big day and this is when you can get really personal and creative.

One of the advantages of going for a waterfront wedding reception is that it gives you plenty of scope to play with ideas. You can adapt a waterfront wedding venue like The Lighthouse Restaurant to suit your own tastes and wedding dreams.

In need of some waterfront wedding theme inspiration? Then read on for 5 wedding themes you can incorporate into your choice of Brisbane wedding venue.

A Touch of Nautical Elegance

You’ll be celebrating on the water’s edge so why not match the ocean location and run with a nautical theme?

You can pick up the nautical theme in all sorts of ways with navy, gold and white coloured streamers and flags, for example. As always, the devil’s in the detail. Attach miniature anchors to name cards and place settings displayed on your wedding tables.

Sailors’ knots and rope details can feature on chalkboards that display table settings and on the tables themselves.

Here are some nautical extras to consider:

  • Incorporate decorative seashells, fresh florals, and tropical foliage
  • Empty wine bottles filled with sand with a table number flag inserted in the top
  • Use driftwood and fishing nets to create an entrance
  • Glue seashells and starfish to table decorations
  • Go for a nautically themed wedding cake adorned with rope and an anchor

Check out the spectacular location of The Lighthouse Restaurant to picture how well your themed wedding would work here.

Boho Beach Style

Think boho to create a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Low tables with plenty of cushions and colourful rugs for floor seating give that chill-out vibe. Crystals and rough stones create an enchanting impression when spread across reception tables.

Decorate a simple triangular wooden arch with greenery as part of the environmental theme. Sipping a final romantic cocktail next to a black ocean with cool breezes creates an everlasting memory on a balmy evening.

Go for a succulent centrepiece with plenty of sage-coloured greenery as well as a macramé runner for an ultra-indie vibe. Boho style relies on the right mix of textures and colours, so this kind of arrangement hits the spot perfectly.

Colourful cocktails and canapés would also be good choices. The culinary experts at The Lighthouse Restaurant have years of experience in creating both.

Boho extras could include:

  • Hanging dreamcatchers and incorporating macramé decorations
  • Pampas-style grass arrangements for the tables
  • Using half-moon shapes for place name cards and table decorations
  • Going for a mix of vases with a single stem in each on all the tables
  • Incense sticks as the scent instantly conjures up a boho ambience

A Taste of Garden Romance

Gardens provide a softer backdrop for special occasions. Their greenery and soft muted colours blend seamlessly with the views from your waterfront wedding venue.

A garden theme gives you an excuse to go wild with arrangements of flowers and grasses. Add in branches for a more rustic effect. Hanging birdcages and vintage lanterns give substance to the horticultural theme.

Your choice of music will help create the dreamy vibe you’re looking for. You could consider hiring a string quartet to play some romantic favourites under soft lighting or candlelight.

Here are some top garden-style choices for your Brisbane wedding venue:

  • Flowers in the hair and a floral lace veil
  • Bridesmaids and wedding helpers dressed in bright floral designs
  • A wedding arch made from leafy branches
  • Tables adorned with scented rose petals
  • Bottles of water for the tables infused with citrus fruits and herbs

Go Rustic Coastal!

This theme combines rustic and coastal elements for a truly outdoor vibe. It sets out to achieve a warm and homely feel. Think rough, wooden farmhouse tables and chairs set off by old-fashioned style lanterns or globe-string lights.

A relaxed atmosphere gets created by soothing neutral tones and sturdy wood furnishings. For a coastal touch, add seashells and driftwood as table decorations.

A seafood buffet conjured up by the culinary magicians at The Lighthouse Restaurant would seal the deal for the seaside theme.

Get into the rustic coastal spirit with these top tips:

  • Use wooden clothes pegs with quill calligraphy for name cards
  • A rustic bridal hairstyle featuring a circlet of miniature ferns
  • Barrels to act as tables for drinks and snacks
  • Half-sliced wine corks to insert card name tags

Your Own Tropical Paradise

If you like bright, bold colours and luscious palms, this theme is the one for you. It is a great excuse for cocktails featuring tropical fruits such as pineapples, coconuts (and passionfruit). The Lighthouse Restaurant offers a range of tropical drinks to match the occasion.

Make tiki torches and floral arrangements of hibiscus and orchids the special features for the big day’s decorations. Vibrantly coloured paper tablecloths adorned with coconut shells help create a tropical mood. Everyone loves a banana split so incorporate the dessert into your reception menu.

Here are some ways to go totally tropical:

  • Create your own bar menu written on tropical leaves
  • Drench your coconut-flavoured cake with pineapple
  • Go for an orchid hair-piece
  • Make your name cards in flamingo shapes and insert them into citrus fruits
  • Dress very young bridesmaids in straw hats and grass skirts

Make the Theme Personal and Meaningful

Whichever theme you choose for your waterfront wedding, The Lighthouse Restaurant has you covered. We encourage our guests to personalise their waterfront wedding reception because we believe it needs to suit their own dreams and individual tastes.

Get in touch with us to make a booking for your waterfront reception and find out how we can help with any finer details you’d like to incorporate.


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