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What To Look For In A Brisbane Wedding Venue

Ensuring your big day is extra special starts with finding a stunning location where you can celebrate with your nearest and dearest.

You’re already tying the knot in one of the most sought-after corners of the world, renowned for its great weather and natural beauty. You should therefore not settle for anything less than a stellar waterfront Brisbane wedding venue.

So what are the ingredients that give a wedding venue in the Brisbane area superstar quality? Let us walk you through the key factors you should consider.

Location, Location, Location!

Brisbane has some enviable beachfront locations. The breathtaking ocean views over Moreton Bay and the surrounding islands are hard to beat. You should also combine a seafront venue’s natural beauty with convenience for guests to get in and out of the city.

The Lighthouse unashamedly boasts an unbeatable, world-class setting. Made for sipping a cocktail as you take in the surroundings, this is also a photographer’s dream location. The light, the views and the charming décor make it Insta-heaven.

Taking Care of the Details

So that’s a big tick for location. But, for a wedding, the location is only as good as the services it can provide. When you’ve made your wedding venue shortlist, here are the big questions that you should ask:

  • Is there a great spot to hold our ceremony close by?
  • Is there a choice of menus and dining area sizes that match your wishlist?
  • Is there a stylist available to help us through all the finer details?
  • Is there undercover space available?
  • Will there be room to dance and can we have live music?

You may also need help with finding a florist, make-up specialist, fireworks, wedding cakes and stationery. You may want to live-stream your big day too so that overseas relatives and friends get a chance to join in.

There’ll be accommodation to sort out and last but not least, you need a celebrant to conduct the formalities. Ideally, a wedding venue should be able to help you with all the reception components that are integral to making a wedding day a success.

You should go with a venue that can clearly demonstrate it has substantial experience in organising major events like weddings. Weddings in particular can be fraught with extra emotional stress. The stakes are high and the pressure’s on.

The Lighthouse Restaurant is a great example of a waterfront wedding venue that has you covered. It prides itself on being forward-thinking and resolving any potential issues quickly and efficiently so that you can relax knowing that everything is going to get taken care of.

Your Guest List

Next up, you need to ensure your preferred venue can cater for the number of guests you want to invite. Lunch-time weddings are becoming ever popular. So if the time of day is an important consideration, you need to be sure the venue is a good fit for you.

Many wedding venues will offer different packages depending on the size of your party. Typically, they may be able to seat between 10 and 140 people as well as everything in between. If there are a variety of areas on offer within the same venue, make sure the views from the one you choose will match your expectations.

If you’re holding a waterfront wedding reception, you may have your heart set on a seafood menu or at least a seafood course. Oysters, after all, have built a reputation as the ultimate aphrodisiac. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, check what the choices are. Canapés and drinks options should all be part of the service.

As an example of the range of possibilities that should be available, download and check out the extensive packages here that the Lighthouse can offer its wedding parties.

Check Out the Reviews

Reputations matter and these tend to get built around the number of positive reviews a venue is able to post. Nothing beats word of mouth.

If you can talk to another couple who’ve already held a waterfront wedding reception at your chosen venue, try and reach out to them. They’ll be able to offer insight and tips that could help your day run even more smoothly.

Bear in mind that when it comes to weddings, expectations run high. What matters is finding a venue that will spot and sort minor glitches before they grow into major problems.

Their skill at doing this will to an extent come from experience. Always choose a venue that has a proven track record of holding successful functions and wedding parties.

Book Your Waterfront Wedding Reception

The best wedding locations have a habit of getting booked up well in advance. If you have your heart set on a particular Brisbane wedding venue, it’s never too soon to get in touch.

Most reputable venues will require a deposit to hold the date and confirm your booking. Planning well ahead is going to increase your chances of securing the venue of your dreams.

Many experts agree that finding your dream waterfront wedding venue comes down to a gut feeling. If you lack confidence in the venue, it’s likely to keep you awake at night. If it pops up in the vision you have of your dream day, then you’ve done your due diligence and the venue is likely to be the perfect fit.

Say “I do” to Making the Lighthouse Restaurant Your Brisbane Wedding Venue

Just 30 minutes from Brisbane city and 50 minutes from the Gold Coast, the Lighthouse offers a complete wedding service. There are a number of wedding packages available.

Whether you’re planning a small wedding lunch or a larger dinner dance, we’ll be able to tailor the details to what’s going to suit you. We have 6 location options within our Cleveland waterfront wedding venue depending on the size of your party.

Our specialist wedding coordinator is on hand to help with all the details. We’ll show you why you’ll be shouting a massive, “I do,” when we ask permission to host your big day.

Get in touch today, and make your wedding dreams come true at the Lighthouse Restaurant.


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